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In March 2023, Lifeworks Global conducted several trainings with groups from three organisations based in Western Kenya. Lifeworks trained attendees how to make and apply a range of organic fertilisers made from low-cost ingredients – the 18-day Berkely method compost, lactobacillus and fish hydrolysate. Each training consisted of 20 participants with the goal of each trainee recruiting 7-10 farmers for further trainings and the establishment of demonstration plots for priority crops.

The three organisations were:


  1. Ugunja Community Resource Centre (UCRC) – a community development NGO located in Western Kenya. They serve over 10,000 farmers in the Siaya and Busia counties. 
  1. Appropriate Rural Development Agricultural Programme (ARDAP) – is an NGO with the main focus to work with smallholder farmers to improve their productivity by empowering them in sustainable farming techniques.
  1. Zero Two Heroes is an agribusiness enterprise focused on building capacity of farmers through training in technical and business skills using integrated soil fertility management technologies. The enterprise aims to increase incomes through higher yields, regenerative agriculture and environmental restoration. Unique to the partnership is that ZTH intends to leverage on biostimulant technologies being promoted by LWG in its forests and landscapes restoration activities. This is significant as it highlights that our microbial fertilisers can be used not only for agriculture but also for forestry restoration.
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