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The first day of training comprises an introduction to microbial farming, how to make 18 day hot compost and the lactobacillus biofertilizer.

Video presentations for Day 1

How to make 18-day hot compost

18 day hot compost has a number of benefits including:

• Enhance self-sufficiency
• Increase yield
• Soil Health
• Carbon sequestration
• Free, sustainable & organic – Great environmental benefits
• Used worldwide – long track record
• Great economic payback & increased employment
• Food security

How To Make Lactobacillus serum

Latobacillus biofertilizer offers many benefits including:

  1. Improves yield
  2. Improves the quality of the crop
  3. Reduces the plant’s need for water
  4. Strengthens the plant’s self-defense system
  5. Biodegradable, non-aggressive organic fertilizer
  6. Does not destroy the soil Ph
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